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Google Stack Promotion

How to get more Seo Power

What is a Gstack?

A Gstack is a Google site (classic) with relevant content and stacked with Google propertie iframes.
Every iframe has the same link to your moneysite, GMB or whatever Url you want. But it is always the same Url to where you link to!

Power of an iframe

The power of an iframe is that Google counts every iframe with a link as 1 independed link. So if you have 10 iframes in your article Google counts 10 separate links. A Google stack is stacked with Google propertie iframes so that is a lot of Seo juice!

where to link?

You can link with your Gstack to your Moneysite, GMB, Gmap or even to another Gstack or Gsite.

But keep one thing in mind. You can only use 1 Url. If you do more then 1 Url all Seo juice power will disappear.

Google Stack With Linkbuilding

If you order the extra linkbuilding to the Gstack you will get a powerboost.

What is a Broad Gstack?

Broad Gstack is a Google stack with relevant content about your niche but in a broad description.  That means we scrape the content with Menterprise based on the keyword you give us. For example if your keyword is about plumbers the content will be about plumbers but not about your company. If you want only your niche or brand in a Gstack then click here.

But if it is for linkbuilding and Seo juice you don't need that kind of Gstacks. A broad Google stack is perfect for this. If you want more then one Gstack you can contact me.

Linkbuild Your Gstack

Build extra links to your Gstack and get more SeoJuicePower! We have a special strategy for linking to your Gstack.

This is not the usually PBN or Guestpost linkbuilding but a variety of GoogleDoc buffer and Article stacking with special Tiered links from our linkbuilding system. On top of this we have a secret sauce of web 2.0 blogs, social bookmarks, wiki's, social profiles etc.

Gstack with Linkbuilding Strategy

Seo linkbuilding service

Tier Linkbuilding Example

This is an example of a Gstack with Tier 1 and 2 linkbuilding.
Tier 3+ is our secret sauce.

GSTACK Gsite to Moneysite




Choose your G Stack with or without Extra Linkbuilding

Gstack Broad
No Linkbuilding

With Menterprise Content
$ 125

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Gstack Broad
With Linkbuilding

Medium Competition
$ 275

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Gstack Broad
With Linkbuilding

High Competition
$ 325

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